Why The Nordics?

For Employers

If you are looking for reliable, hard-working and service-minded staff, this is the site for you. Nordic people has a world-wide reputation for their smiling and ambitious approach. They are known to be some of the warmest and happiest people in the world, making them great teams. Been brought up with English as their second language, they all speak it fluently.

Our candidates also have another valuable thing in common. They have travelled across the world, many on their own, to set up life in a new country and culture. That shows for a lot of motivation, courage and determination. Think of the benefits this can bring to your business!

At The Nordics, we can help you find staff for short one-off gigs but also long term permanent employments. Our candidates are often available on short notice and keen to accumulate work experience and advance their careers in Australia. Our pool of Nordic talents will bring cultural experience, languages, and unparalleled knowledge to your businesses.

With our ads costing less than a few hours of an employee’s time, we are one of the most cost-efficient ways to find a great fit for your specific need. We are so confident in achieving great recruitment outcomes, we promise all employers a Money Back Guarantee.

To post a job on The Nordics you need to be a registered member. If you have a company with a high turnover of staff, please contact us and we will be happy to tailor a suitable package for your needs.

For Job Seekers

We are friendly community driven company providing you with a great platform, to maximise your chances of finding your next job in Australia. May this be grape picking in one of the stunning wineries, barista at a beach café or an Excel wizard in a buzzing city office, we are here to support your dream of working in Australia. We have been in your shoes and we know it can be a bit daunting to come to a new country and culture.

We know how well our countries’ work standards and cultures align with Australia’s. At the Nordics you will not be lost in an enormous crowd of job seekers. The employers advertising with us are specifically looking for You. People from the Nordic countries are known to be proactive team members with a strong sense of service. Making you attractive on the Australian job market. Also, the fact that you have travelled across the world makes you special and interesting. Australians are curious people so prepare yourself for a lot of questions about your home country!

At The Nordics it is free to publish your resume and search and apply for jobs. We take active steps to make sure our advertisers are honest and friendly employers. Also visit our Facebook Page to get up-to-date information about life and work in Australia.

Are you interested in The Nordics and would like to work with us and earn money? Read more on our Affiliate page.